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Berghie Online Computers Cape Town
Your Guide in the computer world

Berghie Online Computers Cape Town is a small team of very dedicated people. We have been in business the past 8 years saving clients money and can Assist you with your Microsoft Licensing renewals, Hardware installations & upgrades, Windows Repairs, Windows Upgrades & Windows Downgrades, Virus Removal, Minor Data Recovery, All IT Related hardware like Laptops, Printers, Ink, Toner, Monitors, TV’s, Security Cameras etc. Contact Us before you buy with your quote.

We can fix your Laptop or Desktop Computer
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Some of our Services:


Home, Office Network & Wireless support

Desktop & Laptop Repairs

Fiber, LTE and ADSL Sales & Support

Fiber, LTE and ADSL Sales
& Support

Windows & Office 365 Sales and Support

Windows & Office 365
Sales and Support

Printer & Cartridge Supplier

Printer & Cartridge Supplier

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Whatever your IT needs, contact us and we will find it for you.

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